Maejis Mind- “Dizzy”

Today, we bring to you the debut single “Dizzy” from LA based solo proyect Maejis Mind! “Dizzy” is an atmospheric psychedelic dream that mixes heavy echoes and reverb, alt-rock with a little bit of funk and blues, making us feel completly immersed in its sound. A promising debut single without a doubt!

Maejis Mind is the solo project created by multi-intrumentaliest James Beasley in June of 2020. “Dizzy” and other tracks of his upcoming EP were completly recorded by Beasley in his own bedroom, featuring himself in all the instruments! As such, he is able to fine tune all of the aspects of his unique sound in every way possible: a sound full of density, where each element creates within a listener a feeling of a dreamlike space that extends into infinity.

The title of the track “Dizzy” may have come from two aspects. The first one: the lyrics. They reflect of the passing time, how each fleeting moment comes and passes in front of our eyes without us noticing a thing. Each moment that passes makes things even blurrier. Thus, we are completely lost in time. We have lost our sense of direction, moving blindly, never truly finding our way.

The second may refer to the sound of the track itself. Maejis Mind plays with echoes, reverbs and pannings in the bass, guitars and vocals, to create the sensation of space. The instruments sound distant, but we cannot pinpoint exactly where they come from. Once that effect is achieved, he then proceeds to make us lose ourselves in that space. During and after a chorus, the guitar starts to play a funk lick. This guitar is joined by other guitars that play blues licks at their own, independent pace. If the blend of psychedelic with funk and blues is spicy, the mixing of the track elevates it to a whole new level. Each guitar seems to come from a different place, within the soundscape that Maejis Mind has created. They blend within each other, travel from ear to ear, coming at us from every direction possible. We feel as we were turning on our own axis. As if we were travelling in circles: We are lost, once again, but we don’t really care. After all, exploring and losing ourselves is what makes us feel joy.

With his debut single, Maejis Mind experiments with genres and sound mixing to invite us to investigate and get lost within a sonic space. As we wonder in it, we encounter sounds that guide us, that make us want to explore even more. “Dizzy” is a promising debut for a new artist!

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