Calm – “Our Twenties”

London punk-rock band Calm, returns with yet another brilliant banger. An anthemic, tear-jerker track about losing your shit as an adolescent and fucking things up. Blasting, fun, a bit sad, and all-around a true masterpiece. Be witness of the return of our good punk friends, Calm, listen right now to “Our twenties“.

Well, hello again, one more time! I see you liking my reviews and I want you to know that I much appreciate it! This week has run smoothly, and now it’s time to step things up a little bit. You remember that single cover with a hand holding a hot dog, but the hot dog was actually a piece of… ehem, shit? Yes! That one from Calm’s last single “Eat Shit Everyone”, which by the way, if you missed it, you can find right here: Eat Shit Everyone.

Well, the masterminds behind that great song are back, and they bring a highly energetic track ready to be blasted through your ears! “Our Twenties” is a song about how hard it is to become an adult!

We all fuck up, especially when we’re young, and can enter into a fuckin-up loop that lasts indefinitely until we get our shit together, moving on to better and bigger things. Such was the case of some members of Calm and their friends…

The ethos behind Our Twenties was to try and write a beautifully simple chorus, the sorta thing that you feel you’ve already heard before but can’t quite remember! I probably failed miserably but I like it so who cares… Three chords and the truth lad.” – CALM

A song about mental breakdowns and finding purpose, ultimately saying goodbye to adolescence; hopefully with pride and remaining a decent human being!

As you might expect, there’s a lot of guitar shredding, drum slamming, voice rasping, bass driving, sweat, blood, tears… you get the picture. All in all, this is a great return from our British friends and we cannot be more stoked about it.

In layman’s terms the tune is simply about how hard it is to become an ‘adult’, you gotta figure out what that means to you, gotta struggle, you gotta screw up and hope that on the other end you still vaguely resemble a human being” – CALM

Photo credits: Joe Parker

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