Tired All the Time-“SUN”

As time passes, the future may seem uncertain. We don’t know what awaits on the other side if we are lucky enough to even reach it in the first place. The universe seems indifferent to the passage of time and the fate of humanity. Today’s featured single “Sun” by Washington D.C.-based band Tired All the Time (TATT), reflects on the place humanity plays in the universe. While it may sound depressing at first, TATT makes sure to sing about the end of times with a quirky, deadpan style that, ironically, brightens our day by letting us know that we are not alone in our dystopian imagination.

Tired All the Time is made up of Michael Richard Tally at the vocals and synths, Brian Miller at the bass, and Edward Barakauskas at the drums and has been active since 2017. Their style is an appropriation of hypercorporate medical and pharmaceutical language and aesthetics as a way to reflect on themes about living in a capitalistic society. Their clean band logo contrasts with their moody sound that may range from neopsychedelia to post-punk and their lyrics full of dark humor.

“SUN” questions the role that humanity plays in this comedy called life. As we struggle to get to work on time, to reach daily quotas, to put food on the table, cover a night shift while at the same time trying to sleep 8 hours a day and somewhat expected to maintain a healthy social life, the universe, indifferent to our daily lives, lives its own life. Someday, maybe even before we reach that dreamed promotion, it will end. But “SUN” carries the trademark sense of humor that TATT has become famous for. As the vocals sing an apocalyptic message, the music seems cheerful in an unsettling manner. “The end of time/ delivered to your door”, remark sarcastically the lyrics. The contradiction between the lyrics and music causes a strange effect that hooks up the listener and makes us want to continue listening to a melodious track.

With “SUN”, Tired All the Time allows us to wonder about our role in society and the universe as a whole with an addicting track full of dark humor. They remind us of what makes us human, of how we can connect with other people in these dark times while making us laugh at our own impending, inevitable doom.

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