Voodoo Bloo “Skin”

We’re glad to announce that Wellington, New Zealand-based alt-rock band Voodoo Bloo have released a new single, entitled “Skin.”

Led by songwriter Rory McDonald (vocals, guitar), Voodoo Bloo is completed by Daniel Maslen (guitar), Oli Cass (bass), and Jackson Kidd (drums, backing vocals). The 4 young guys are passionate, energetic, and create catchy and complex alt-rock. Music has been a large part of frontman Rory McDonald’s life for many years; forming hard rock group Lucifer Gunne in 2016 brought the 15-year-old McDonald to wider attention in New Zealand, while his band Voodoo Bloo then debuted Jacobus in 2020, which had singles that were well-received in the UK, USA, Australia, and NZ. Voodoo Bloo have also played multiple charity shows in 2020 for Lifeline Aotearoa (an organization focused on suicide prevention and mental health treatment) around New Zealand, and released a music video for their third single, “Ha Ha Ok Ok.”

Voodoo Bloo’s second album, to be released in early 2022, is a stylistic departure from the punk-driven sound of Jacobus, with undertones of Radiohead & Arctic Monkeys. Signed to independent label PlasticGroove Records, Voodoo Bloo are currently in the process of recording the album at Massey University with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers/ Super Furry Animals / Bullet for My Valentine) and engineer Scott Seabright (Alien Weaponry / Mumford & Sons / Six60). “Greg and Scott have truly captured the essence of what this project is, and even though Jacobus was a cathartic experience for me to partake in, I think new album will be seen with a lot more of a personal feel and approach to the song writing. This album may sound like a tale of maturity on paper, but it’s really more the personification and characterisation of who you want yourself to be, and how to step through the mirror to bigger and better things” Rory from Voodoo Bloo says. The release of the album will be followed by a NZ tour, and hopefully, overseas as well if Covid allows.

“Skin” is the first single from Voodoo Bloo’s second album. It’s about ripping out of your teenage years and facing yourself in the mirror in a cruel, yet reflective look at what you love and hate about your life and how change can be harsh to all, but ultimately leaving you a better and changed person. “This song really drives home a new era for our music, taking on a more sonically diverse and ever-changing track, seamlessly flowing from dynamic lows and highs, which makes sense due to the nature of the song. It’s about an out of body experience, looking in on yourself and shedding your own ‘skin,’” Rory says.

“Skin” is also accompanied by a great music video directed by bassist Oli Cass, which you can check out right here:

The track begins with a mysterious yet groovy bass riff accompanied by futuristic-sounding electronic effects, while clean-toned, reverbed electric guitar melodies and dynamic percussion rhythms soon join in to introduce the first verse, as Rory’s compelling vocals harmonize nicely with the guitar and bass. Two-thirds of the way through “Skin,” a cowbell signals a shift in the rhythm as prog-like distorted guitar riffs take over the melody to conclude the track, awash in noisy layers of effects. The track comes to rock fans with urgency, excitement, and great energy powering throughout; the tempo changes and variations of “Skin” are complex but remain catchy, bringing a wizardly attitude that channels influences from artists such as Radiohead, King Crimson, and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. “Skin” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Voodoo Bloo’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock.

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