Shafto “Someone”

What’s better than starting the weekend? Starting it with a healthy dose of motivation – today’s song is every bit as inspiring as one could hope it be, and it’s packaged in with smooth hip-hop beats with everything good old-school has to offer!

Shafto is an Ireland hip-hop artist, who embraces the old-school boom-bap style and has been in the scene for nearly 20 years. Starting out as a DJ and beatsmith, he soon joined forces with a rapper Andy Abstract, forming JamNation. Later he started writing his own verses and became part of another duo with a friend – Shafto and Golden. His solo releases bring together what he loves the most – writing his mind out into catchy humorous verses and producing straight bangers with that sweet warm old-school vibe.

Shafto’s newest single “Someone” brings aboard truly wonderful vocals of Molly O’Brien. I did expect to hear something romantic seeing the title, but I was considerably more pleased by what a positive message this song holds. It’s a solid boost of motivation and a reminder that with enough work you can be what you want to be – this song believes in you even if you don’t! Also, those feel-good female vocals paired with steady energy offered by Shafto’s verses make for a really cool combination.

“Someone” is a third release coming from his future concept album “Round and Round”. The album’s idea was born 10 years ago when the artist lived in Canada. After years of working around obstacles and inviting some of Ireland’s finest singers, rappers, and producers to join in on the record, the album is finally ready. Expect a tasteful interpretation of each weekday with a bunch of head-bopping vibes. Shafto’s music is such a ridiculously uplifting smooth ride you better upgrade to a more durable replay button.. ; )

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