Electric and positively vibed, this brand new single by American hippies “Mystik Fool” is what the world needs right now: a little dose of good feelings! Listen right now to “I’m On My Way” and enjoy today’s journey.

Our new song “I’m on My Way” is a song about traveling. I was coming back east after a long road trip around the country. I was dreading being home after such an amazing trip of wild adventures. So in order for me to feel content with being home, I wrote a song about the other perspective. it’s okay to return and bring back the experiences and new person you are to your old world. So I did that. I introduced myself as a new version.Galen Mystik Fool

That’s it my friends! Today we have a very cool and amusing song that elevates the spirit up to 11. Mystik Fool, a 4-piece band from Easton PA, USA, has nourished us with their newest single, “I’m On My Way”, a beautiful interpretation of how it feels to be on a journey. A nice drive across the beach, or a road trip with your friends, that’s what this song is all about!

First of all, let me welcome ya’ll back to this humble musical blog, we hope you’ve been enjoying the fresh singles and EPs so far. Now, let me tell you a bit about the band. Mystik Fool, formerly known as ITO and The Moonlight Hippies, was formed in 2016 by brothers Galen (Bass) and Simon Deery (vocals), who later on met drummer Michael Lear and guitarist Will Coccia in 2018.

“I’m On My Way” is the band’s first release since they launched their first album “Spirit of the Redwoods” in 2020! The single, produced by drummer/producer Jeff Martin, is a very elegant and ambitious tune that mixes a variety of genres, making it hard to define the band’s style. All in all, it truly is a spirit lifter, with soaring choruses, clean & positive vocals, and a reggae groove.

It did remind me of Matisyahu with its rock-like guitars and layered harmonies, but it’s safe to say that Mystik Fool’s style is as unique as it is original.

The song was written in 2018 at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame where the Deery brothers went on vacation. “We were sitting in our hotel room playing wii sports, and the tune just popped out! Ha!” – Galen

The band has never liked the feeling of coming home after exploring the world and going on adventures, so they created this song as a remedy for that feeling. Also as a way of reminding us to enjoy life! The production is outstanding, and the composition feels fresh AF. Its catchy chorus will stay with you after a while! Guaranteed!

We love to ask the bands for a message to the first-time listeners out there and here their reply “is to do our best to look at all perspectives of the situations we find ourselves in. appreciating the past, living in the present, and being excited/curious for the future. Look out for Mystik Fool very soon!” Mystik Fool

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