Little Victories “Love Gets Me Down”

Struggles with mental health are common, yet it makes us feel alone and misunderstood. “Love Gets Me Down” is a single that knows this feeling well and comes around to reach a hand to all those of us who are in need of uplifting and understanding vibes.

“Love Gets You Down” is the second single of Little Victories, we presented their debut single Set In Stone back in October on release day. Hailing from Britain, Little Victories is an alt-pop band running an intimate vibrant sound loaded with emotion, wonderful vocals, groovy guitars, and a homemade bass. Consisting of three members – Marcus Gooda, Nay Shalom, and Sam Rose, the trio seeks to unify listeners through captivating songs full of meaning. They are inspired by life as a human person. Through writing songs on themes of mental health and self-acceptance as well as human connections, Little Victories seeks to unify and connect with the listeners and bring light into everyday thoughts. Their newest single is no exception.

The single begins with groovy rhythms that are both captivating and representing the busy world around us. The vocals laced with echoing layers have a melancholic feel, sinking deep into the kind of loneliness experienced standing alone and looking around in the busy city square. The immersive bustling soundscapes that surround the vocals and the listener close in to wrap us into the muted introspective feel before opening up to the swirling chorus. Every element in this song shows quite exactly how it feels like to hang around feeling completely alone, and the subsequently failing emotional state honestly described by the lyrics.

Despite the lyrics’ serious pondering thoughts, “Love Gets Me Down” is a groovy dancy tune that will not fail to reach out. The song flows with the energy of everyday life, guitar melodies blending beautifully with synths and vocal slices create a wonderful evocative sound that in itself is already really captivating. The vocals complete the song and turn it into one excellent source of uplifting inspiration!

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