sautereau- “Conversation Hearts”

If you could ask somebody in the street how they have been feeling for the past two years, maybe the first thing they will say to you is frustration. We haven’t been fully able to do everything we would’ve loved to do or see everyone we would’ve loved to see. We have been sinking slowly to negative emotions. But today’s featured single offers a new perspective. “Conversation Hearts“, the debut single by sautereau, is a glimmer of hope. A calming, reassuring, and personal track that invites us to search for the light at the end of the tunnel and acknowledge those special moments during hard times.

Chloé Sautereau is a Swiss singer-songwriter based in New York. While she released the EP As I Keep on Dreaming under the name Cee, “Conversation Hearts” is her debut release under her new artistic name, sautereau. sautereau has a great range in terms of music and themes. Thematically, her songs are about relationships and those unnoticed moments in life that make it really magical and meaningful. Musically, her sound ranges from pop to folk and, as “Conversation Hearts” proves, a blend of both.

“I think it definitely stems from being a bit of at a loss for what to do with yourself as days slipped by and both feeling nothing and so many things at once. The contrast between life being pretty bland but wanting to feel and live what we were supposed to feel and do. It’s definitely a light-hearted take on it but raw and honest nonetheless. Imagery played a big part in me writing the song. From the leaves, I see outside the window of my small apartment in New York, to the “Conversation Hearts” candy that were lying on my table since valentine’s day, which gave the song its name. I brought that imagery to life in the production by biting into candy and scrunching paper/the wrappers and recording those sounds as percussion (you can hear it mostly in the second verse).” -sautereau

“Conversation Hearts” has an intimacy in its lyrics and music. sautereau’s soft-spoken delivery accompanied by her sweet guitar and non-conventional percussion paint an extremely honest, personal, almost confessional tone that goes extremely well alongside the images she offers through her lyrics. Her love of detail may be heard on every chord, on every word, on every beat. Her new single is crafted with emotion that exceeds the barriers and reaches the core of our hearts.

sautereau’s new track, “Conversation Hearts” under a new artistic name attracts the attention of both old and new fans. An unmissable track!

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