Brune M – “Routine”

Routine can be a nasty thing, or it can be our savior by keeping us sane. The contrast between order and chaos can sometimes be a source of creativity and this electronic/trip-hop duo has arrived to make proof of it.

Brune M, a classically trained violinist and singer with a delightful voice born and raised in France and move to the US when she was 18, and Charlie, a bookworm producer master in the selection of synths and beat-making, teamed up to create a project that would make Portishead proud. Trip-hop-meets-reggae-meets-classical.

Routine” was born out of Brune M’s recently obtained Mother title, feeling her life wrapped up in the same regime and progression for the sake of the well-being of her 1 yo daughter. In contrast, his friend and producer Charlie was living in a van with his girlfriend and waking up in a different place every day. This same contrast helped create Brune M’s new single, a song that is both playful and sexy, showing different nuances of styles within one musical piece.

Originally I was singing only in English, but after a while, we realized that alternating between French and English made the song more interesting, fun and unique!” – Brune M

A soft Rhode opens the beat, immediately accompanied by Charlie’s dubby bass. The dry drums set the scene for the loose groove and Brune M’s vocals create the ambience that’ll keep us in a flowy state of mind. Different languages make the song twist here and there and the softly played violas finish to give life to the track.

My favorite thing about the song is the humor, the playfulness. I don’t want to take myself too seriously.” – Brune M

The next single will be released in early 2022, but in the meantime, we have “Routine” to save us from the predicaments of the established order.

“Routine” was recorded in Brune M’s bedroom in Boulder, produced in Charlie’s studio in Denver and mixed at the Violet Recording Studio in Boulder.

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