Snakedoctors “Got Him Another Girl”

We’re glad to announce that Gdansk, Poland-based rock band Snakedoctors have released a new single, entitled “Got Him Another Girl.”

Snakedoctors are a four-piece band, comprised of friends from the same neighborhood who started the band in May of 2020. Since then, they’ve released three albums and fourteen singles, plus an extra single for All Fools Day under the name Jiri Blaha & Framuga Boys. The second single off their third album, Mellow Joy, entitled “Close That Door,” has been for many weeks at no. 1 at one of the Polish radio charts and in the Top 5 at one of the indie UK charts–as well as having charted in Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, and overall Central America. All of their singles charted on the iTunes Poland Top 100 Rock singles sales chart, and the reviews of their songs and albums have appeared in music magazines in Poland (Teraz Rock, Heavy Metal Pages, Art Mundus, and many more), the UK, Canada, Serbia, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, and many other countries. Playing a mix of rock, grunge, new wave, and post-punk, Snakedoctors have also performed concerts and toured locally in Poland since the summer of 2021.

“Got Him Another Girl” is the fifth single off Mellow Joy, available across Poland in retail and online stores as well as digitally. It’s a simple rock song that sounds much like a mix of post-punk, ’50s, and early 60’s songs. The song portrays a story about a relationship where one person does everything possible for the other one, who doesn’t really notice. She realizes it only when… it’s too late and the guy already found another girl. As is usual for Snakedoctors, there’s a video for the song (this time shot in Indonesia), and the track was mixed at Abbey Road Studios and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London.

Describing their creative process, the band writes, “Our music is simple as we are. Just four friends having a great time doing music. Our songs differ a bit from one another – some are more like grunge, some are on the post-punk side and others rather new wave’ish. But still we maintain that they keep ‘our’ style. ‘Got Him Another Girl’ along with ‘Tinder Girl’ off the same album are simple rock and roll tunes. Music that we enjoy playing live. With some post-punk style, we try to preserve simple lyrics and 50’s and early 60’s simplicity. We often communicate with the audience when playing this song at live shows 🙂 It was recorded at one take. And right after it was written 🙂 We had a real great time and fun doing it.

“Got Him Another Girl” begins with reverb-laden electric guitar melodies underscored by a grooving bassline, from its outset recalling ‘50s-’60s rock & roll in the best possible way. The swirling distortion from the guitars complements the steady post-punk-inspired beat of the percussion quite well throughout the track, all while harmonizing nicely with the catchy vocal melodies; while a creative guitar solo midway through the track elaborates on the track’s melody and adds further to its upbeat atmosphere. “Got Him Another Girl” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Snakedoctors’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of garage rock, post-punk, and rock & roll alike.

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