Viscula- “Rhumba”

For a song to be good, it doesn’t necessarily need to feature a whole 100 piece orchestra. It just needs a strong foundation strong enough to build upon, allowing the possibilities to be endless. But sometimes, less means more. Minimalism nowadays goes unnoticed due to recent trends that focus on showing everything at a grander scale. “Rhumba“, the new, groovy track by Viscula, shows the extreme potential of what one can compose with just the essentials.

Viscula was founded in Ukraine in 2002. Soon they gained recognition in their home country, Poland, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom. “Rhumba” is the second single off their upcoming instrumental album IV, which is due on December 17. Instead of a grand, out-of-this-world approach, Viscula constructs their sound in this album with just the essential parts: a four-piece band without any overlays, just featuring guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. In addition to the band’s line-up, IV features legendary bassist Alexander Titov of Kino and Aquarium fame playing all the bass parts, including those in “Rhumba”. The mix and mastering of the track was handled by George Shilling.

While “Rhumba” features a minimalistic approach to its production and instrumentation, it focuses on creating an outstanding harmonic/melodic construction which allows the track to flow seamlessly. The guitar parts organically mix with the keyboards, while the bass and the drums establish a harmonic/rhythmic relationship that ties everything together. “Rhumba”‘s sound is one that mixes Latin-jazz-inspired rhythms and harmonies with trip-hop drums and vintage instruments. The result is an extremely enjoyable groovy track that invites us to hear it once again when it is over.

Viscula takes the foundations of music and builds upon them to prove that you don’t need a super production or effects to create an excellent track. “Rhumba” is a little taste of the band’s approach to their sound in their latest album IV, leaving us excited about what the band will offer to us very soon in the future!

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