UNDER NEPTUNE – “Disappear”

A magical ballad made thanks to the power of collaboration. Uplifting and masterful, this rock track reaches great standards with its beautiful composition and outstanding vocal delivery. So play the button now and listen to Disappear.

Hi everybody! Welcome back to this humble blog, it feels really nice to be back. First of all… Happy New Year!! I wish all the best for us, our families, and our loved ones. May 2022 bring nothing but love, power, and understanding.

We will kickstart the year with a great, brilliant, and magical tune brought to us by Daniel Monteiro aka Under Neptune, a musician from Brasil currently based in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. When he was 14 yo, Daniel started to play guitar, bass, and keyboard.

He created Under Neptune as his way to show his music to the world, and God bless him for his decision! His new single “Disappear” is a captivating musical experience created from the bottom of his heart. A song that expresses a person’s journey to achieve his dreams after facing difficult life experiences.

Daniel is used to collaborating with other musicians to expand and give his music the sound it deserves, in this occasion, he recruited singer Alexis Dimitriou and drummer Jordan McQueen to help give life and voice to the track. The results are no less than outstanding.

The starting guitars and synths immediately take us to a place of wonder and dream. The male vocals are deep with profound lyrics. A vibrant chorus of beating drums and high-gain guitars sinks us into a wonderful sensation of freedom and accomplishment. This effort by Under Neptune and his friends is truly a great positive message for anyone looking for inspiration in 2022.

Daniel and his family landed in Estevan, Saskatchewan at the end of 2020. According to him “that was the opportunity for a new beginning in their lives”. After settling in town, he decided to focus on producing and releasing new music.

The song is called “Disappear” and it’s about a person’s journey to reach their dream. But how we always waiting for that last miracle to help us reach it

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