Hallucinogen, trippy, wild, and crude, these maniacs from Tonypandy, UK have brought to us a regurgitant Punk track fit for all you grease-heads out there. “Pimping ain’t easy” but SpünDay are here to make as much flashy noise as they can with their brand new single: “ICE-TV“.

Born after a Melt Banana concert, the band was created by Scunge – vox/Guitar, Daf – bass, and Chich – drums, as their way to experiment with FX pedals and push the boundaries of what can be made with just guitar, drums, and bass. You can watch their video that they share with all of us on their Instagram bio

Having been together for two years and with their debut album released last year, “Shock Wave Gang Bang“, Spünday is ready to be unleashed into the public. Taking their Melt Banana and Butthole-Surfers influences, the trio delivers brand new, exotic, malevolent, and sweaty music.

“ICE-TV” reveals a hallucinatory account of out-of-body experiences, an imaginary affluent uptown and a ghetto area downtown. Filled with disreputable characters guiding the way to a life of hustling and crime. All sound-tracked to the guitar pedal drenched pandemonium and tumult produced by the band.

Starting with a vocal sample and wah-wah/screeching guitars, the song suddenly turns into a chaotic Punk machine, blood starts to pump and violence begins to rise. Let yourself loose and dance to the machiavellian beat of the frantic drums and the pulsating waves of reverb-drenched guitars. Fast and furious, beware.

“It’s a hallucinatory journey into the seedy underbelly of the darker aspects of a person psyche, revealing hitherto unknown depravities and interests.” – SpünDay

The track was recorded in The Loft studios, Tonypandy in the Rhondda Valley by producers Set Phasers to Scunge. “The producers are flat-out freaks. everything’s covered in cellophane, even the toilet, which you can’t use.” – SpünDay

As the trio kindly marked: They are not here to give us what we want, they’re here to give us what we didn’t know we wanted…

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