We Are Milk – “Hey (Alt Mix)”

Nirvana meets Bush in this modern grunge track. Glaze yourselves with the gritty sound of fuzzy, warm guitars and slamming bass tone. “Hey (Alt Mix)” says a lot without too much effort, and is perfect for all of us growing up with 90s rock.

We Are MILK is a new band that’s already giving a lot to talk about. A band from Los Angeles now based in Paris is putting Psychedelic Rock and Grunge back on the map. Working with super-producer Fran Ashcroft, who has worked with Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, and The Dandy Warhols, these guys deliver a sound that is both nostalgic and memorable.

I remember those days of listening to Bush, Soundgarden, The Verve, and whatnot. Fast forward till now it’s pretty obvious that grunge and the rock and roll we grew up loving has lost ground, but thankfully, We Are MILK has arrived to let us know that the music we love is alive and still kicking.

“Hey Alt Mix” is a grunge track reminiscent of those “In Utero” days, with a somber vibe and simple guitar riffs that explode sooner rather than later. Its gritty vocals sing with some kind of lament, while the smashing drums play their part gracefully and with power.

I was having my breakfast and through the open window I heard my neighbor’s radio blasting the usual (negative) News from around the world. So to drown it out and actually wake up, I took my guitar and the song came.” – MILK

This four-piece recorded the song all over the world, first in Liverpool and later in Paris, where they were covered in the Rolling Stone magazine (France). “Hey Alt Mix” is their second single off of their upcoming EP and it promises to be one of the best EP’s of the genre in a very, very long time.

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