In no time, this collective of artists is back once more to deliver their next work of art. Well known for their artistic cinematics, Eruption Artistique once again delivers an immersive music video for their latest funky single: “Vicar The Licker”.

That’s right my friends! EA is already back with yet another rock and roll banger. These guys don’t cease to amaze. Within just a couple of weeks after releasing their previous video clip for Ball & Chain (which, by the way, is pretty outstanding), Sara and the boys return in “Vicar The Licker”, a track taken from their EP: Vicar Pop.

Following the black and white format for their videos, “Vicar The Licker” presents once again EA’s musicians in absurdist clips which include a misfits shirt, a lollipop, and their beloved urban Rotterdam. The video continues to represent the collective’s vision of love for art, and serves as an enhancer for the musical experience of the single.

“The song and video is about one of our band/ collective members: Vinnie the Vicar. It is a song about universal love and acceptance. Be who you wanna be and rock hard. It is a party song. The Vicar is not the one who tells you what to do but gives you total freedom.” – Eruption Artistique

Starting with a retro bass line and beating drums, the song quickly turns into a gathering of individual instruments acting as a whole. It’s hard to distinguish every single one of them but I caught up some horns, guitars, synths, percussion, and organ! And if my ears don’t fool me, even a Koto! (A Japanese melodic/percussive instrument).

The song is also a homage to our beloved city of Rotterdam. A city as raw as Rock n’Roll. It is the poorest city of the Netherlands and a true multi-cultural city. More than 100 different cultures all living in one place, this is something we love, where we are very proud of and that inspires us.” – EA

With a psychedelic vibe, the track also presents an instrumental bridge with a fuzzy guitar solo that seems to take off like a spaceship into the darkened skies. The style and vision these guys have are truly something to appreciate. Who knows what they’ll come up with next! Well, I kinda know, as the collective is finishing a new single called Hi Ha which will be hopefully available on 7-inch vinyl. Word is, they’ve already started shooting video material for it! In the meantime, we already have two great singles and music videos for us to soak in.

RNR never dies, baby!” – EA

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