Perttu Leinonen’s new single “Happiness Is Meeting an Old Friend”

This new track by Perttu Leinonen “Happiness Is Meeting an Old Friend is like you imagine the last warm summer day spent with your old friends. Tomorrow you will all go your separate paths as schools and universities start up again. And so you hang around driven by the slightly bittersweet emotions, never wanting this day to end and yet excited for the future.

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The above is the theme of the newest sonic image painted by Perttu Leinonen, a Finnish producer who crafts delicate echoing droning soundscapes. His path as an artist didn’t start happily – it was the death of a friend which left the artist with a lot of feelings that needed a proper outlet.

And thus, in about a year of learning a lot and making music, the artist has gone from learning the very basics to creating long introspective sound collages that invite you to really dive into a meditative listening state. His songs could be treated as a medication that blocks out intrusive thoughts and has a guided journey to a healing point, and they’re also simply gorgeous pieces of sonic imagery.

The newest of those aural journeys carries the title “Happiness is Meeting an Old Friend“, a haunting piece that sounds like echoing collided memories of a party once had with a bunch of good old friends. There are vocals that hum cheerfully and dreamily, an ongoing percussion that gives everything a fleeting sense of time, deep slow bass notes injecting the feeling of imminence, and a lot of interwoven elements combining patterns of all kinds, almost like all the little individual movements like clinking glasses and opening cans of coke being brought into the music.

A complex memory-laden collage of sound that evokes equally layered emotions. And just like the party ended despite the quiet pleas of not wanting it to ever end, the song ends with a quiet steady sound, marking the end of the event and the beginning of memories of it.

“I was making music one evening and I had this weird feeling about a friend that I had not seen in about 15 years since he had been traveling the world. Saved the song as “meeting and old friend” and set up a meeting and when it finally happened it was like there were no time between seeing the last time and this time. We discuss lengths about frequencies, ancient instrument frequency ranges, dimensions of the pyramid and how the sound reflects there mathematically. And from that discussion the base of the song was formed. It just took around 2-3 months of daily mixing and arrangements to get it finalized.

It is important piece to me since I feel it talks on emotionally on level about joy and how important people are, longing and separation at the same time. It is also a transitional piece for going into the ambience on “Mind Open” and creating beats and bass that is missing there. So I kind of wanted to fade away from it as a person and just wanted to let the music do the talking. After a exact year this song is my journey how far I got. Hope people find it and they resonate with the feeling and might find a peace and purpose in it. That’s what I had in my mind.”

Perttu Leinonen

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