De Antiquis Et Novis “Afterglow”

Today we take on a mental journey, traveling to the faraway exotic shores to dip in the crystal clear blue water and relax heavily. All of that plus an endless dose of free-flowing good vibes comes packaged in the newest single by De Antiquis Et Novis.

That’s the alias of Matthias Schorer, a German producer, composer, and engineer who creates evocative smooth electronic music with an emphasis on dreamy synth chords and vibrant chilled soundscapes. The artist’s destination echoes loud and clear when listening to any of his releases – it’s music to soothe and relax after a long exhausting day, a reinvigorating medicine for the mentally worn and physically frayed, and a soundtrack to daydream the sweetest journeys.

“With my music I want to bring listeners to dream places when they close their eyes and listen. Whether it was the Moon on my last album or now sunny beaches where you can relax and celebrate with my new single Afterglow which is the title song of my new album coming out mid 2022.”

De Antiquis Et Novis / Matthias Schorer

The single “Afterglow” doesn’t wait with the journey. As soon as you press play, the song hits immediately with echoing vocals and synth notes, the latter of which partly reminds me of as if retro wave got married with vaporwave smoothness. Those synth blips in particular give a really nice touch to the song. It sounds like a sun-drenched person feeling a refreshing breeze of the night rolling in, while the rest of the song feels like spending a sweet evening with a loved one somewhere really nice and warm. It’s both re-energizing and relaxing, whichever side you really need at the moment.

“Imagine sitting on a warm summer beach where the sun slowly sets into the endless ocean. The magic painting in orange and red colours created by the sun gets you into the mood to chill with friends, sharing stories, good food and drinks. This mood is that the electronic ambient song Afterglow captures with lush synth pads and piano lines, while dreamy vocals add the chill out mood.”

Beautiful synth-driven sounds with ethereal vocals that take you to another realm. “Afterglow” takes the material luxury out and fills the gaps with experiences and sweet sounds. Relaxation and a half!

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