Heddy Edwards “Cherry Picker”

Have you been wondering where the optimistic and joyful version of you went? The sunny presence of happiness seems to have simply evaporated for some reason, and you’re left feeling sort of hollow and sad. Heddy Edwards, today’s artist, knows this well and discusses that in her ethereal single “Cherry Picker“.

Hailing from Illinois, Heddy Edwards is a singer-songwriter and producer making delicate indie-pop fuelled with magical emotive vocals and flowing synths. The dreamy sound is like the voice of Mazzy Star meeting the smooth vibes present in 90s pop, resulting in pleasantly echoing soundscapes where honest thoughts fly far the power of Heddy’s expressive vocals.

Her newest release, “Cherry Picker” is the artist’s second single that takes on a truly dreamy edge while bringing in the sense of heavy yearning, especially in the percussion that becomes stronger during the chorus part of the single. The way her voice sounds feels like the embodiment of the happy side of hers that’s been layered into the fog of longing, a grief of sorts as well as a plea that’s further emphasized by the ending of the song sighing quietly: “now I’m stuck.” It’s a perfect representation of losing sight of something you used to be so effortlessly – happy, joyful, optimistic, now gone into dust. That’s what the artist struggled with when writing this song:

“I was struggling with undiagnosed mental health issues when I wrote this song, which I view as a letter to my happier self, the “cherry picker,” whom I felt abandoned me while I was at my lowest. I wanted desperately to get my sunny disposition back. I’ve since started therapy and have realized that happiness and sadness are not mutually exclusive—I am both a happy and sad person, and feeling both emotions so deeply has led me to become the person and artist I am. I hope to continue to express this fusion of elation and sorrow for the beauty of life in my music, with heartfelt lyrics and more dream pop melodies in the future!”

Heddy Edwards

“Cherry Picker” is just the right amount of dreamy and smooth while being completely honest about the artist’s struggles. It also sounds exactly like your next favorite artist especially for lovers of Mazzy Star and echoing dream-pop music!

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