Totemo “Keep Burning”

Primal, vigilant and raw – those feelings surround those whose love has been betrayed or taken advantage of. Those same emotions have also become the heart of today’s single, a story of no love, and a process of moving along through killing a part of you that’s holding you back.

Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Totemo is a producer and singer-songwriter who creates intimate, lush, and evocative electropop with the edge of trip-hop, elements of tribal and the heart full of emotion. There is some pretty stunning level of precision in her sound, leading to the feeling that you’re following the path of a person carrying on the battle between the chaos of emotions and the well-calculated decisions they try to make. It’s a wonderful-sounding journey delicate and emotional by nature and full of metaphors.

The newest single “Keep Burning” comes with a wind of change. Totemo has taken on the more direct nature of telling her story. And so, “Keep Burning” is an echoing and haunting story of a breakup presented in such a way that clearly illustrates the turmoil taking place in the person. Tribal war drums make way for raw energy preparing to burn down what needs to be destroyed.

“The backstory for this song is a classic.. It was a heart-breaking break-up. I was never one for writing love songs, and this is not quite a love song, more like an un-love story. it’s really one of my most direct songs to date. I don’t usually address someone so specific and in a specific situation in my writing. it was a very liberating process to do so. it enabled me to write and say things directly to that person that I wouldn’t otherwise have said. it really helped me digging myself out of the pit I found myself in. and then working on this song with other people – specifically the drummer Stav Lipitz – really helped me process my emotions in addition to processing the song, it’s progression and general atmosphere. then came Roy Avital, my music producer and collaborator of many years, and made it even more precise. all this sharing of something that was so hard for me to pronounce, to articulate, was a healing process in of itself.”


The song begins with eery string sounds and whispers, before a warm percussion kicks in, setting a constant flow of energy. Her vocals speak of pain and desire to forget, and determination to love behind the hurt. The vocalizations during choruses feel powerful, almost like a ritual set on the move in order to be reborn and leave what holds you back into the ashes. It is not meant to be a painless ritual though, which is shown in the song’s music video as well – it shows that sometimes you have to make painful decisions in order to move on with life.

“Keep Burning” will be a part of Totemo’s upcoming EP that carries the same title. Like this single, the EP will also carry raw honest emotions as it opens up a window to the artist’s personal side.

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