This powerhouse of an artist brings up the noise and the energy in her new electrifying single “You Lost Me“. Heavy, gritty, and cool, this pop-rock anthem will set the mood for a terrific evening both at the stadium and Karaoke bar.

What an amazing voice we have today! Tatum Quinn, a young rising star with the goal to inspire people with her music is doing everything she can to make her dreams come true. Not a stranger to adversity, Tatum has been through hell and high water to be where she is now, and would love you to join her!

“I remember when the relationship finally came to an end, it left me feeling like “what did I do wrong?”, “why couldn’t I fix this?” & most importantly “who am I without him?”. I totally lost myself in this relationship & I struggled immensely to find my sense of self afterwords!” Tatum Quinn

“You Lost Me” is her second single up to date. After the release of “Set You Straight”, this new track continues with the same unapologetic energy, filled with a stick-it-in-your-face attitude. Hell yeah! Also, it’s the second in a forthcoming trilogy of scrappy and powerful pop/rock anthems overcoming painful moments from past relationships.

“You Lost Me” is that song where you’ve come to terms with the situation & you’re starting to feel like the badass person you’ve always been before the relationship! I realized that everything my ex said was “my fault”, was just his way of passing blame to make himself feel & look better! I realized his unwillingness to take any responsibility was a big source of why the relationship failed & why no matter how hard I tried to make it work, it just would never work!

Tatum Quinn

Tatum’s voice is outstanding, and the track brings up a whole-lotta rock into it. Powerful high-gain guitars and slamming drums create the perfect environment for Tatum’s raw vocals to thrive and make us bang our heads in a sing-along.

Badass is the keyword. There’s absolutely nothing stopping Tatum and if you’d like to join her in her journey of self-love and acceptance you are more than welcomed. So turn up the volume and shout along with the lyrics!

What new listeners should expect from my music is,
realness, rawness & a whole heap of heart & attitude! I truly believe in being unapologetically yourself and surrounding myself and my community with love, acceptance, non-judgemental views/opinions & once again a whole lotta sassy attitude!
I will forever be grateful for my fans & for those who take a chance on listening to my music!

Tatum Quinn

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