Minerva Daisy – “Something Strange”

20 yo Minerva Daisy delivers her brand new single “Something Strange” (OUT NOW!!!) in which she sings the last goodbye with her prominent voice and a neatly produced track (out February 16th)

My, oh my, does heartbreak suck. But instead of dwelling in it, Minerva did something about it. After sadly finding out her boyfriend had cheated on her, this rising artist went and wrote the perfect breakup song, only 1 hour after!

This single (her fourth up to date) is a brilliant indie-rock-styled beat with profound anger in it. Minerva clearly managed to channel all that bad news into an empowering song that gives zero fucks and leaves no room for forgiveness.

Minerva’s voice sounds already like a classic, I mean, she could be up there with the greats. Her spirit is untamable and her talent really sheds a light everywhere she goes. The track is pretty awesome too, with sudden stops and go’s and a rag-time style perfectly fitted for the heartbroken.

Something tells me there’s still a lot to hear from this girl and I’m sure it’s gonna be good. Since her first single release in 2020, Minerva has received a radio play in BBC Introducing and Amazing radio. Also, she has gained a multitude of track of the week nominations and artist features!

“Something Strange was written as an emotional outlet almost immediately after I found out an ex-partner had been unfaithful to me. This is probably one of the most raw and brutally emotional tracks that I have written and so I wanted the instrumentation to reflect that and give the track the punch it needed. I wanted to show my audience a new side to me and my music.“ – Minerva Daisy

Apart from being an amazing singer, Minerva also has a talent for drawing, and she uses it in her very own cover art. This single wasn’t the exception, as its cover was hand-drawn by Minerva herself, heavily inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and Saul Bass posters.

“Something Strange” was recorded over the span of 2 days at Mad Fox Manchester by Tayte Nickols. You can catch Minerva on the 18th of February at Off The Square, Manchester headlining Elephunk in the room. You don’t wanna miss it!

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