AM3R3 – “Jaded”

This Canadian artist knows how to make the feelings of loss sound dreamy and romantic… That probably doesn’t make sense but once you listen to it you’ll know what I mean. “Jaded” is a hella track to vibe to when you feel down.

This one goes out to all my synth-wave fans! Let me introduce you to AM3R3 a producer from Toronto, Canada who started making music with synths after he listened to the album Graduation by Kanye West. Obsessed with creating sounds using toy keyboards he found in a garage sale, AM3R3 delivers a dreamy pop sound with modern trap undertones on his vocals.

Inspired by Tame Impala, Prince, Tyler The Creator, and Daft Punk, this artist uses ethereal ambiences to express his emotions. In “Jaded”, he draws inspiration from the feelings of losing trust in someone you once cared for. Man, that sucks!

But what doesn’t sucks is his single. The subtle atmospheres slowly start to expand, as his voice sings in a sensitive fashion. You can tell his disappointment in his lyrics, but the music speaks otherwise, creating an incredible paradox and a hell of a listening experience.

This song is about having sleepless nights thinking about what changed what happened how could you have acted that would have changed the outcome.” – AM3R3

One interesting fact about this track is that when AM3R3 was thinking about creating the song, his cat jumped on the keyboard, playing some random notes. Like magic, the random notes worked, and so he decided to use them to create the melody for the track!

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