Kristian Phillip Valentino – “Cold Hearted”

When relationships end, hearts break, and Kristian Phillip Valentino seems to be the official spokesman of such ordeals. “Cold Hearted” gives name and life to one of the most difficult processes we have to deal with: ending things.

My heart is skipping a beat guys, I feel both delighted AND torn apart. Please send help! This new single from Chicago-raised singer-songwriter Kristian Valentino is a marvel and it really channels all the sour emotions that endings leave.

I mean, we all can relate to losing somebody, but Kristian just takes it to another level. His level of connection to the song is very strong, and because it is actually based on his own heart-break story.

I won’t lie to you guys, this man has been through a lot… The passing away of his father, ending up homeless and being broken up with… All in a short span of time!… Man, my salutes, love, and all my respect for you.

As a way to manage and cope with everything that was happening, Kristian picked up his guitar and started to write songs. Such was his way of healing. He ended up writing 12 new songs in a 7-day span. Such songs are all part of his album “For every thing, there is a season“, and “Cold Heart” is one of the last songs he’ll be releasing before the album is completely available.

Since March 2021 I’ve been releasing one song a month, each month, from my full length album “For every thing, there is a season.” The last song I’ll release from the album will be in late February 2022.” – KPV

The song is merely guitar and voice, but that’s enough to feel a roller-coaster of emotions. You’ll fall in love with Kristian’s voice right from the start and the guitar work is simple but effective. The lyrics are powerful and the song keeps growing until an explosion of Kristian’s voice screams the last verses…

Such an outstanding experience and a very accurate representation of loss and heartbreak…

Kristian’s album is based on a true love story from his past that moves with the four seasons. In Spring the relationship starts, in Summer love grows, in Fall it starts to break apart and in Winter, the relationship ends. “Cold Hearted” is his official breakup song.

I literally detail driving away and leaving a note and never coming back. I hope the song conveys those feelings that come during a breakup and the courage it takes to leave.”

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