Lara Snow “Castles In The Snow”

Chase your dreams! That’s one of those most widely spread lines, but much fewer people know what chasing your dreams brings. For Lara Snow, that’s music, and she describes it as her most passionate lover and her most poisonous relationship of all. Sounds terrifying? Maybe, but that passion is also a driving force unlike anything else.

Living and greeting us from Tel Aviv, Lara Snow is a young singer-songwriter making indie-pop tunes. She was born with a musician inkling, singing ever since she learned to talk, and writing her own music since the age of five. That passion for music drove her dreams of becoming a musician, even if the surroundings at the time made it seem like an impossible dream. It was a small place and she knew no other musicians. But that didn’t stop her dreams from becoming a reality.

Lara’s newest single is a nod to her passion for music boiling within. Titled “Castles In The Snow”, it’s an evocative story of a passion-driven journey. It’s a descriptive tale of that burning flame of desire which coupled with unshockable perseverance pushes you to forge on towards the dream. Even when there are bottomless holes on both sides of you, and people looking down on your desires. This flame does not care, and neither does the song’s running beat and her passionate vocals. Quite the contrary – as the chorus hits, this song lifts off the ground to soar up into the air. A wonderful ode to the lifelong passion that has shaped the artist’s dreams and futures. Also, an inspiring force for everyone else to find and hold onto what they love to do the most!

The single was just the beginning of 2022 for Lara Snow. This year continues to be busy with exciting things, namely, she’s planning to release her sophomore EP in the coming months!

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