Songs For Sabotage – “Rumors”

LA power duo is back again with yet another savage banger! A little distant from their previous releases, “Rumors” makes clever use of deep kicks and 808s mixed in a trap-like beat to create a party-like ambient with an unapologetic attitude. Fuck fake friends!

Who would’ve thought that we’d hear Songs For Sabotage using 808s! But that’s the beauty of music, its variety, and versatility, not knowing what to expect! After their last single, Loaded, SFS keeps on expanding their musical expression and delivering some of their best songs up to date.

This time, their new song takes us on a Trap-style musical endeavour mixed with Rock & Roll, creating an epic vibe that challenges hypocrisy. It’s pretty much a song about telling someone to f*ck off, with a general vibe that delivers a strong “You disappoint me” energy.

“We wrote most of it in early 2020 during the recording of our first album. It felt vicious and clever to us but we had little intention of turning it into an SFS song […] However, amidst the endless tunnel that came later that year, we reworked the arrangement and production and began practicing performing it live.” – SFS

“Rumors” brought the perfect opportunity for Lina to stay off the guitar and embrace the freedom of only performing her vocals. The track was so well received by the audience that the duo had to keep playing it live as well as adding the final touches for the studio version.

But 808s and kicks are not the only things that make this track shine. A wide plethora of background guitars and massive low drones add to the mix the grip and bite it much needed. Lina’s vocals are as neat as ever and the lyrics feel so well written that you just can’t get enough of them.

The chorus is just spectacular, giving a pop-vibe that sticks with you and makes you wanna throw stuff and party aggressively. The rumor is… that “Rumors” may be their last single release until their new album drops which will be in late summer/early fall this year.

The video for the single was shot in SFS’s neighborhood in LA just before the holidays. It was directed by Chelsea Lupkin (@chelsealupkin), produced by Sarah Kalagvano (@skalagvano).

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