Songs for Sabotage feat. Blood Handsome – “Loaded”

Los Angeles-based band Songs for Sabotage has released a new single that guarantees intensity throughout! “Loaded” is a post-punk track that pumps our blood all around our body. With distorted guitars, intense drums, and haunting vocals, Songs for Sabotage enhances their already unique sound by collaborating with none other than Blood Handsome. The band has released an experimental music video (filmed entirely on VHS) alongside the track that you won’t want to miss!

“Loaded” is the third single released this year by Songs for Sabotage after “High Fives” and  “Phantom”. As with the tracks coming before it, “Loaded” shows the general direction Songs for Sabotage is exploring with their music. Raw, direct, and intense but with touches of dreamy a dreamy atmosphere in its buildup; their soundscape is one that features many layers to process and enjoys with each listens.

Back story – Loaded was one of those songs that fell out of the sky; it was written in an afternoon. We had plans for Blood Handsome to come by and work on something, but didn’t have any ideas to show him the morning of… so we came up with the main instrumental loop and vocal hook about an hour before he came over. We weren’t sure what he’d think of it, but once he arrived he started vibing and quickly added his verse and harmonies, as well as some extra percussion. Finally, Richey added layers of guitars and a solo, and most of the song was arranged and mixed later that day. –Songs for Sabotage

“Loaded” creates intensity with its diverse variety of sounds that clash and complement each other. The track manages to be calm, yet intense and direct with its frequent changes in mood. The power of the chorus contrasts with the calmer verse while at the same time featuring the vocal talent of frontwoman Lina Sophie: her mastery of vocal harmonies, as well as her flow filled with emotion, are put in the spotlight. Blood Handsome’s intervention contributes to bringing the intensity of the track to a whole new level with his haunting vocal delivery on the last moments of “Loaded”, elevating the track from a great song to a complete banger!

The lo-fi, DIY, almost documentary style of the music video of “Loaded” is a great touch to the overall aesthetic of the track. As a fun fact, it features the intervention of unscripted moments that give the video a unique style rarely seen before!

“Loaded” consolidates the overall direction that Songs for Sabotage have been building for themselves. Look forward to their future work and tours, as they may be cooking a new album to be released soon!

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