The Passing Sages “Crisis on the Dancefloor”

You’re in a bustling dancehall hearing an exciting band playing live and filling the room with funky grooves. You peek to your left and see people standing still and trying to capture something with their mobile camera, and when you peek to your right, the same hunt for Instagram clout points continues. With so many still people around it’s starting to feel strange to let go and really enjoy the night. “Crisis on the Dancefloor” ensues.

The band playing live would be The Passing Sages, a six-member pop band that has carved its name with a groovy attitude. Their sound is a refreshingly modern blend of synth-driven funky pop coming with the added retro spark. The UK-based band had recently released a very successful EP titled Burning Up, which turned heads with its eternally positive mood inviting for an allnighter dance. Those dancy vibes continue in the group’s newest single, and this time with a twist!

Jabbing rubbery synths and fearless electric guitar riff set the mood for a rather dystopian tone of voice speaking of an alternate reality where dancing and having fun is frowned upon. Ecstatic guitar revving meets smooth rapping spitting messages that bring quite an eerie feeling, further deepened by the chorus exclaiming “This place is dead, you better wake up!” Considering what motivated the artist to write this song – dance halls full of stagnant people – it’s really just the same reality we’re in instead of some fictional world.

“The song pokes fun out of people who attend gigs and don’t like letting go and enjoying themselves. It always bewilders me why people attend gigs, then when they are there, they look like they would rather be anywhere else!

It’s also a lowkey flex on our part – we feel we have something a little different to offer, something a bit out-of-the-ordinary. We love energetic pop music and we love encouraging people to dance and have a good time! The song is also a cheeky dig at some other run of the mill bands who perform quite dull music.”

Crisis on the Dancefloor” definitely feels like a wake-up call coming from an artist concerned about seeing crowds becoming more lifeless as time goes on. So, put that phone down, loosen up your body and proceed to have a night of a lifetime. Also, it’s not a success if you’re not practically unable to walk the following day. ; )

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