An astonishing delivery by Julience self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Modern Rock&Roll with a retro feeling. “Love Lies Cold” is an excellent track that shines and vibrates with a strong heart and powerful energy.



My, oh, my! Songs like this really make my day, especially when made by new, upcoming artists. This time, our good friend Julience will have the spotlight! Born in the Netherlands this musician has always shared a passion for music and songwriting, but most of all: guitar playing. Hell yes!

Julience has a musical background that goes way back. When he was 10 yo he got to see Paul McCartney play live, such an event-triggered Julience’s emotions and inspired him to take up the guitar. Even though his favorite instrument is the guitar, he also plays bass, drums, and organ, and pretty good too!

“Love Lies Cold” was performed and recorded by Julience himself in his home studio, using Logic Pro and an aging Mac Pro (aren’t we all!). This is why I’m so amazed by how the song sounds! It’s truly fantastic! In fact, I’d assume it was recorded in a professional studio!

Julience’s songs are very guitar-driven, and you can feel the passion he has for such. The song is brilliant and has a very unique retro feel, the ups and downs and the sudden change of key make this track fun as hell and proof that the artist is no joke!

As a teenager, I formed a Dutch band called Ampiphy. We recorded a CD, performed live on many occasions. But eventually, it fell apart as many bands do. Several years ago, I moved from the Netherlands to Manchester, UK, to pursue a music career in the city that brought forth many great bands.” – Julience

Vocals remind me of rock songs from the 80’s. The guitar solos and the smashing drums really took me back to the guitar-driven rock of ages from the past. Everything feels smooth and in its place, there’s not one thing that feels off or leftover, the composition of this track is just great and flawless!

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