Adam Brookes- “Different Times”

The last few years have proven that change comes when we least expect it and we are left with no choice but to adapt. The newest single by Adam Brookes is a reflection of how time changes us. Its indie-rock feel captures the essence of passing time and the change it forces us to go through. Will we be the same once again? Will the world be like it once was?

Adam Brookes is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He has been writing music seriously since 1999, playing in various short-lived projects until he formed the indie rock ensemble Dangermaker. After playing for 10 years alongside the band, Brookes decided to start a solo career and to take a new different direction. After last year’s single Lonely Life Brookes’ new sound focuses on ethereal and minimalistic soundscapes. “Different Times” is his the next step.

The initial inspiration for Different Times came to me a couple years ago in San Francisco where I live. I had recently walked away from my band Dangermaker of ten years, my son had just been born and I was reevaluating what was important to me in life. I felt like I was becoming a different person, which I was in a way. At the same time the city around me felt different too, like things had changed, the people living here had changed, the scene had changed. I found myself saying the phrase “different times” a lot actually when talking about it, because it is different now. Those themes pop up in a lot of my new solo songs, change and navigating through it. Then Covid happened and things REALLY changed drastically of course. For me it started right when I finally felt like my head was above water from the new parent experience, and it felt like a giant wave knocked me under again for two years. I am just recently feeling like my head is above water again, treading water and starting to move in some direction. – Adam Brookes

“Different Times” starts the sound of wind blowing. It is a metaphor for the time passing through us. As wind, we feel time in our body and may observe the consequences it has around us (as the wind blows on trees, time withers their leaves), and yet, it is invisible. The guitars and synths begin to play and we are engulfed in an atmosphere of nostalgia. Brookes exploits the music by accompanying it with its poetic vocals which reflect the change of time: a calm beat to accompany a moment of reflection. He delivers a moving, universal message.

The release of “Different Times” coincides with Adam Brookes’ efforts of finding his own footing in these different times; efforts that are bearing fruit. His newest release is an unmissable track for old and new fans alike. Make sure to give it a listen!

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