Ash Ravens – “Home”

After a long time of traveling across the globe, Ash Ravens sings to the one he left back home. In this chill, folk track Ravens makes clear that home isn’t always a place, but the people that we hold dear the most.

Home” is a story that prioritizes self-care over everything and is based on a true story”.

This singer-songwriter’s story began a while ago when he left his beloved Bangladesh, and his partner (now wife), to pursue music stardom. In a span of a decade, he completed two music degrees at Melbourne Polytechnic, he played some of Australia’s biggest music festivals and studied at the prestigious Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena, California before moving to Ottawa, Canada in 2021.

“Home” was written in 2012 while studying in California. It is a song inspired by his trips around the globe and then coming back to the one who always supported him the most. This kind of love is very rare, and a very powerful force that makes us feel that we truly are where we belong.

As Ash puts it, “the feeling of ‘Home’ for some people might be a person with whom they feel their truest self.”

Acoustic all the way through, “Home” presents a soft ballad with romantic and heart-warming instrumentation. Guitars, drums, bass, and keys create a soothing atmosphere in which we can relax and appreciate our loved ones, those who are close to us, as well as those who are far.

The single was mostly recorded by renowned producer/engineer Chris Birkett (Buffy Sainte-Marie, Quincy Jones) in the cities of Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. Birkett’s vocals also make an appearance on “Home” adding a textured feel to the mix. Canadian-Bangladeshi filmmaker Fahd Kabir shot the music video for “Home” in Ottawa.

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