Long Term Parking – Luxury Luxury

We’re glad to announce that Brno, Czech Republic-based alternative music project Long Term Parking have released a new album, entitled Luxury Luxury.

Long Term Parking was formed in 2019 by Kolib (synths, samplers, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, backing voices), Christineck (vocals, guitars, bass guitar, violins), and Pavel Bříza (drums, percussion)—three experienced musicians who have all played in other music projects.

Libor Koutnik (aka Kolib) has released two albums as a solo artist, 2010’s Aside and 2012’s My Own Man. He’s also worked closely with post-folklore group Ponk as a producer, and is collaborating with famous American bass player Fernando Saunders on his upcoming album. Michal Krystynek (aka Christineck) is a composer, singer and violinist in the band Ponk, which has released two successful albums: 2015’s Postfolklor (a Czech Grammy Award winner) and 2018’s Diedina (which was nominated for the prestigious German Record Critics’ Award). Pavel Bříza has played and recorded drums for the Czech superstar Karel Gott, among other things.

Long Term Parking provides a creative outlet for the three band members to realize their musical vision, while incorporating elements of such disparate genres as hip hop, rock and alt-pop into a unique sound that also draws influences from classical and folk music. The trio’s latest album, Luxury Luxury, now brings their three-year search for ideal artistic expression to fruition.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind Luxury Luxury, Kolib from Long Term Parking says:

When I was thinking about how to conceptualize the record, I was remotely inspired by the TV show Watchmen in particular. The piece is so elusive yet logical, abstract yet works as a whole, original and futuristic yet so familiar.

These opposites, that’s always the biggest challenge for me – exactly what we wanted to approach musically on the record.

And for first-time listeners, Kolib says:

Our music may sound complicated at first listen, but I think that underneath the skin it is not complicated, quite the opposite, I find it actually simple. It just flows.

It’s probably not easy to get acquainted with it for the first time, because it’s hard to classify.

But if you let yourself be drawn into the plot and start to trust it,

I believe she can take you to interesting and uncharted places.

and you won’t regret your investment of time.

Luxury Luxury opens with “From The Ground,” which begins with vocal harmonies and spoken lyrics highlighted by droning saxophone notes, subtle hip-hop beats, and trippy harmonized backing vocals before the rhythms become more pronounced midway through the track to introduce the rapped lyrics. “The Middle Way” then begins with an evocative spoken word introduction, before a repeated acoustic guitar motif and hip-hop beat sequence nicely highlight the track’s partly-sung, partly-spoken vocals, later accompanied nicely by bright piano notes. Next is “All Birds’ Lullaby,” which has a pleasantly airy and dynamic atmosphere created by the sparse percussion and ethereal female backing vocals, creating a playful mood that juxtaposes with the track’s darkly poetic lyrics quite well.

The shuffling rhythms and distorted vocals of “More Than Everything” then take the listener into this mysterious and ominous-sounding next track, which is creatively punctuated by warm synth notes.

“In Your” then continues the wonderfully odd, disorienting effect set by the previous track, with multiple layers of vocals (muffled singing, distant shouts, and later, spoken word) playing above the sound of distorted bells and plucked strings. “Eyes” immediately raises the energy level with driving bass notes and hip-hop percussion, while the sung vocals are accented throughout the track by an eclectic range of instrumentation, ranging from flights of jazz-like flute melodies to slap-bass notes.

Next is “King E.,” which at times brings to mind 80’s post-punk and features a range of synth textures that pleasantly underscore the track’s sung vocals and driving beat, beginning with propulsive bass synth rhythms and later including echoing guitar-like timbres. “No Time For Me” then begins with its creatively distorted bass notes and equally distorted vocals (partly-spoken and partly-sung), which nicely accompany the song’s catchy, shuffling percussion; while “Stayed Back” opens with a distant conversation, as distorted vocals and buzzing, alarm-like effects then introduce the sunny, laidback-yet-introspective acoustic guitar- and vocal melodies that characterize this evocative and dynamic track. “After Kings” then combines dignified-sounding, classically-inspired harpsichord melodies with melancholic vocals, bringing the album to a close.

Beyond merely showcasing the incredible talent of Long Term Parking to blend disparate genres into a cohesive sound, Luxury Luxory is also a highly enjoyable album that engages listeners from beginning to end, while taking them to undiscovered sonic territories; the creative vision of the three musicians in Long Term Parking is as wonderfully unique as it is captivatingly enjoyable.

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