DULCIE “Medicate Me”

Mental health issues are hidden illnesses and no joke to deal with. That’s possibly why artwork and music about this is so predominantly sad, but the morbidity that surrounds this topic doesn’t really help the cause.

That thought is shared by this young artist named DULCIE, a fresh-faced artist from the UK. Feeling the following: “I feel like too many people write sad songs about mental health and I want to add a positive spin to it,” the artist went on to write a song that is about a serious mental health problem, but at the same time it’s a cheerful tune made to tell that with help it’s possible to live with the condition. That song has now become her debut single titled “Medicate Me“!

“I wrote medicate me when I was 16 after having some really hard years with my mental health. I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which is a mental illness I will have to deal with my whole life so I’ve been on and off various medications since the age of 14. This song talks about my experience taking medication and the stigma that surrounds it. I want my music to advocate for mental health awareness but not been all doom and gloom- that’s where my groovy, feel-good sound comes into it! I love making music that makes people wanna dance!”


The single brings aboard vibrant electropop vibes along with honest and insightful lyric writing. The smooth dancy melodies are punctuated with nuanceful plucked basslines and shimmery sounds, enhancing the mood and inviting to tap the toe to the beat. Echoing flowing synths come to underline emotions sung by her captivating voice, bringing out the troubled feelings as well as the optimism.

It’s a brilliant song, to be honest – the dancy lighthearted positive melodies in this song prove the point that you and the condition can coexist. It can be hard and there are setbacks, but this song comes around to highlight the good days. No matter how bad and out of energy you feel right now, there will be a better day on your way. A working medicine is a blessing to have!

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