Josh Vine – “Billboard Lights”

Outstanding vocal performance can be found in this mystifying tune. Mystifying, to say the least, “Billboard Lights” warms us with its soft cadence and evolving essence. This artist is truly something to look out for!

I rarely turn out speechless about a song, but this time my mind is just on a swirl of emotions. London-based artist Josh Vine has brought to us his brand new single and it is simply astonishing. The vocals on “Billboard Lights” feel like something out of this world.

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Layer after layer of vocals, the question and response between melodies create an evolving aura of calm and a certain feel of meditation. The emotions that this artist can bring with his voice are supernatural! Very, very sophisticated.

Josh used to produce all of his tracks on his own, but now he’s starting to work with a co-producer and the results seem about right, as it has allowed Vine to articulate and reimagine his soundscapes.

“Billboard lights was a tough song to record. It started off as this huge-sounding rock demo which I liked, but something didn’t quite work. So, when I brought it in to record with my mate Bill [Ottewill] on producer duties he suggested rebuilding it. It was a painful process, but we got there in the end” – JV

Starting straight away with Josh’s vocals and a bed of acoustic guitars, the soft drums provide the bone structure for the track. The bass follows with long, low notes, as Josh’s harmonies start to make themselves more present. As the track evolves, different moods can be felt, but the enchantment of Vine’s vocals never leaves.

Drums start to rise, vocals and guitars begin to develop, and the adding of violins makes the climax of the track a wild ride of feelings and textures.

As Josh puts it the track is about not turning up for the image you are meant to be presenting of yourself, or for the pressures, that we are constantly hit with when we are out and about everyday. “I think it’s a universal experience”, Josh says.

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