Lost Like Lions “Back To Life”

We’re glad to announce that Buffalo, United States-based rock band Lost Like Lions have released a new single, entitled “Back To Life.”

Lost Like Lions is Derrik Schiersing (vocals/guitar) Jamie Bigaj (guitar/backing vocals), and Jim Kaczmarski (drums). Influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab For Cutie, and Sugarcult, they got together in the spring of 2014 when Derrik began writing new songs, around when his old band broke up. That summer, he had gone to Los Angeles to record the debut EP, The Way of The World, which featured guest vocals from AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer) and Jon Lullo (Down To Earth Approach/The Seams). After recording the EP, Derrik enlisted a lineup including Jamie Bigaj (guitar), who had played with Derrik in his old band.

Unfortunately, after only 3 shows the band had stopped (the last show being in April of 2015); however, in the summer of 2018, Derrik and Jamie ran into each other at a local music show in their hometown, Buffalo, New York, and they began discussing reforming Lost Like Lions. Derrik then began writing songs again, which ultimately ended up comprising the Navigate EP. Derrik recruited Jamie back into the band, as well as Jim Kaczmarski on drums. In the summer of 2019, the band began work on a new EP, The Devil That You Know, which was released in the spring of 2020 and included the single “Enemies.”

After a series of fun local shows, the band then started work on their newest batch of songs in the summer of 2021. Demoing 5 new tracks with producer Chris Flury in Brooklyn, New York, the band then brought them back to their hometown of Buffalo at local studios Quiet Country Audio and Black Rock EPS to finish up their newest EP, Fear of Letting Go, which will be released this spring. The first single from the EP, “Back To Life,” is a track about reinventing yourself, and knowing that at the end of every problem or obstacle, there are always better days ahead—taking on new meaning as the winter winds down and we head into the spring. It’s also the perfect track to lead this new era of the band, starting off with the lead line “I saw the sunrise, and it brought me back to life,” as Lost Like Lions are beginning to take on 2022 with the momentum of new songs about to be unleashed. 

It’s always exciting putting out new music, every new batch of songs seems to bring back memories of this specific year of my life that I spent writing them with an acoustic guitar at home, then taking the skeleton of the song to the guys in the band, to spending the next however many weeks or months at practice really perfecting them. We’re on the verge of putting this new batch of songs out, and it’s really interesting comparing them to our last ep “The Devil That You Know” because when you listen to them back to back we really get the sense that we’ve grown over the last year or so. It’s like looking back at a family photo album. And that’s a really cool thing that I will get to look back on one day. I’m excited to add these songs to our discography and add this new chapter to our band’s story,” Derrik (vocals/guitar) says. 

Describing the creative process behind Lost Like Lions’ new single, Derrik writes, “‘Back To Life’ is the last song that we ended up writing for our new ep, while ironically being the first track off of it! I was sitting down in my basement in the Summer time trying to stay out of the heat. I grabbed my guitar and started playing the opening guitar line of ‘Back To Life’ and within ten minutes had the majority of the song down. Very early on in this writing process I knew I wanted to keep the song short and sweet, and use it effectively as an intro track for this ep. I think it’s a perfect track to release first because it’s a quick rip that will hopefully leave the listener wanting more.

And for those who haven’t heard Lost Like Lions’ music before, Derrik says “As far as first time listeners to our band, I would say we are essentially a Rock band with pop rock, and pop punk sensibilities. Our sound is familiar from the Summer Warped Tour vibes, while still sounding fresh and current.

“Back To Life” begins with an uplifting, clean-toned electric guitar melody and powerful yet spacious drumming, which nicely accompany the contemplative vocal melodies and lyrics that soon join in for the first verse. Bursts of distortion punctuate the next verse, leading perfectly into the track’s energetic and catchy chorus, where the anthemic vocal melodies are highlighted by loud distorted electric guitar chords and echoed backing vocals. “Back To Life” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Lost Like Lions’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock and pop-punk alike.

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