Charlotte Hall- “Telepathy”

Being stuck in a toxic relationship is difficult. Many times we insist on keeping in touch with our bullies because we believe they are our friends and it is our duty to endure all the lies and abuse to maintain our relationship. However, soon we will realize that enough is enough. But how can we escape? Charlotte Hall’s new single “Telepathy” is about standing up to our supposed “friends” that are in reality our bullies. An empowering track based on a personal experience that we can all relate to.

Charlotte Hall is a singer-songwriter from Chesterfield in the UK. Followers of the blog may already know her from her previous single “I Feel Alive”, a feel-good track about the joy of following one’s dreams. While it had a folk-rock style, Charlotte Hall decided to experiment with a new sound with “Telepathy”. She uses synths, guitars, and drums to create an 80’s style pop song, a style that fits appropriately with the themes and lyrics of the song. “Telepathy” features Charlotte Hall at the vocals, electric guitar, and bass and Tom Orrell at the electric guitar, synthesizer, and drum kit, while also producing and mastering the track.

“Telepathy” is based on an experience Charlotte Hall had with someone she thought for a long time was her friend. She realized the degree of control this person had in their relationship manifested through lies and broken trust. The track is about realizing when one is being abused and standing up through it. Hall’s lyrics and vocals are full of expressive power that infects the listener. Her story fills us with the courage to stand up to any wrongdoings. The music is not afraid to hide its 80s roots. The synths and extreme guitar solos empower us with sheer melodic strength.

“Telepathy” is an ideal track to listen to if we feel down, or even if we don’t. Charlotte Hall has shown us that she has mastered her art with a track that is sure to capture old and new fans alike. Give it a listen!

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