FROSTisRAD – “Sometimes I Just Wanna Be Alone”

Sometimes I Just Wanna Be Alone” is something we can all relate to. I fondly remember those teenage years listening to my favorite music not wanting to be bothered by anybody. Those were the days! But who would’ve thought that a new song could take me back to them?

This song from Detroit artist FROSTisRAD carries with it a huge dose of nostalgia for the modern age. Auto-tuned vocals and sad guitar riffs backed up with huge drums and driving bass? Yes, please! The title pretty much sums it up, but there’s a lot to be told about this guy.

An alternative artist in the Metro Detroit area who mixes his passions for music and video into one cohesive multimedia experience.

An art director, vocalist, and designer… Is there anything this man can’t do? He uses the powerful emotions of love, rage, and sadness to deliver passionate music, which is sure to catch the attention of Emo, Pop-Punk, and Trap fans alike.

FROSTisRAD has also made projects for Shady Records, Def Jam, CW network, Sony Music, and many others. Damn! Maybe it’s thanks to such experiences that FROSTisRAD created a way to blend his passions with the creation of AV CLUB, a club that was solely created to encompass his dual passion for both audio and video aesthetics.

There’s a child-like play in all his songs. A humble honesty. An effort to remain forgiving. Young at heart and light-headed, FROSTisRAD’s music speaks to the new generations.

Fun and full of energy, “Sometimes I Just Wanna Be Alone” only sin is by being so short.

“If Kurt Cobain and blink 182 had a kid in Detroit, I’m pretty sure he would sound like this.” – John Marks

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