RedrumSociety – “Stormy Weather”

Stormy Weather” breaks down the harsh feelings of being in an abusive relationship, and the strength needed to get out. A pop anthem with a bit of aggression to it. This new track by RedrumSociety is meant to serve as a tool to take our power back.

A lot of things have happened around RedrumSociety since they formed in 2008. From addiction to legal issues and even the loss of one of its founding members, this American band from Boca Raton, FL, USA, went through a long hiatus to settle and get their things in order.

Now, its surviving founding member Zach Cohen returns with a track of a specific purpose: Coping with abuse. “Stormy Weather”, as the title suggests, is about a time when Zach was being poorly treated and decided to make something about it.

Its Pop approach makes the single a friendly listening experience but we can in fact listen to every negative feeling the artist went through. With its catchy chorus and electronic instrumentation, the single comes alive minute by minute and develops into a massive explosion of vocal harmonies and violins.

‘Stormy Weather’ encapsulates the contrast that is RedrumSociety. The band is upbeat, fun, full of melodic pop-punk. Yet their sound has also been shaped by death, addiction, and abusive relationships. The result is music celebrates both joy and hardship, an outlet to celebrate the good times and cope with the bad.

The song’s purpose is to serve the listener and help him/her confront any difficult situation they’re going through. The harsh vocals of Zach make an accurate depiction of his anger, and the strength he had to have to escape such a nasty situation.

RedrumSociety’s music is of high contrast, as they have a lot of Pop, Funk, and up-beat elements, but their songs have been shaped by death, addiction, and abusive relationships. For any first-time listeners, their spirit is an in-your-face, against the grain, attitude.

” I wanted to write an honest song about how I was being treated, in an attempt to take the power back. I must add, it was successful, no matter how well the song is received. I also hope it can connect to others that feel the same way, and help them. “ – Zach Cohen

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