Swivvel new single “Prose”

We’re glad to announce that Miami, Florida-based indie rock band Swivvel have released a new single, entitled “Prose.”

Swivvel is a band of old friends and long-time members of the music scene, who have finally come together to create a unique sound characterized by glossy guitars with big chords, thumping bass, and loud drums; while floating on all the melodrama are dramatic synth waves with hopeful timbres. It’s a sound redolent of the sweet city-sadness that Miami folks will surely relate to, but that fans of indie music all over the world will likely appreciate as well.

In addition to receiving airplay on local Miami radio stations, Swivvel have also released three previous singles in 2021, including “Off,” “Contender” (our review here), and “Parlor Trick” (our review here). Swivvel’s latest single, “Prose,” is a culmination of icy vibes, inspired by a winter-scenic road trip. Recorded a year ago, Swivvel invites you to join them in the melodrama by listening to this new and exciting single.

Swivvel "Prose" artwork

“Prose” immediately hits the listener with big, bold drums and booming bass, while glassy guitar chords floating over ethereal synth textures represent the complex human feeling that we get from simple things.

As the first verse begins, captivating vocal timbres add a bit of soul to the song, and the listener begins to truly feel as if they themselves are on a winter journey—not unlike the one that Swivvel was inspired by, and which they have expertly captured in this evocative, dreamlike track; all the while, creatively dynamic rhythms during the verses and shimmering guitar melodies during the choruses further sustain a nostalgic, serene atmosphere.

“Prose” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, once again attesting to Swivvel’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike.

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