Swivvel first single”Parlor Trick”

Newly formed indie dream-pop band Swivvel shows four solo artists’ potential and synergy in a group, with their first single ‘Parlor Trick’ being the perfect piece of evidence. 


On April 16th, the Miami-based band released their debut single. Made up of the members Marky Mark (drums), Johny (vocals, guitar), Doodles D (Bass), and Nestor “the Grammy Winner” — an accurate nickname considering he’s won a Grammy in audio engineering — (lead guitar), the six-months-old band is a recent project created by old friends who had already gained experience and knowledge as solo artists. Now, united but still within six feet of each other, the four members strive to create a sound that allows them to find peace of mind. 

Parlor Trick, a song about fighting your insecurities and bettering yourself, is only the first track out of the eight the band has written and recorded. 

The band shared that they’re influenced by artists such as Tokyo Police Club, American Football, and Boy Pablo. In the same statement, they made clear their intention with their music; while the members are all fans of technically challenging and intriguing arrangements, they also wished for music that would be carried by the ambience and timelessness in it. 

Upon knowing this information, it is quite easy to understand why the song might seem so simple despite the actual technical complexity. It is all because the weight of technique and ambience or mood are the same, that the song can be admired for either of these qualities. Lovers of groovy pop music with no necessity to look too deep into music will surely fall in love with the spectacular drums and bassline, not to mention the novels adding another layer of comfort.

On the other hand, music fans who tend to prefer artists who enjoy displaying more technical skills in their works will still be able to find joy in the way the song is composed and the elements surrounding it.

The song Parlor Trick deals with facing your inner demons and coming to terms with who you are in order to start improving. Ironically enough, this hazy and dreamy, trippy track was written and recorded while one of the members, Marky Mark, was coming down with a fever and finding out he had tested positive. During the making of the track, he also reflected upon his life and what he wanted to do next. As a result, the project Swivvel was born from ashes and an unlucky situation.

First-time listeners of the band would like to share: “If you’re really about your creative endeavors and sensations it won’t go away. Don’t freak out. There is always someone that will give you the time and day.”

As Swivvel keeps spreading this message through their debut single and most likely do the same in the upcoming songs. The only way to find out? Keep an ear out for the band, for they will surely keep charming listeners with their genius rhythms and nostalgic euphoria. 

Swivvel "Parlor Trick" artwork

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