Jackson Pendegraf “Feelings for You (Song for Diana)”

The journey today is as much a love song as it is a day out listening to a broadcast in an alternate universe. Jackson Pendegraf is an artist who’s really good at crafting such universes, and his newest single is all about love!

Today’s artist comes from subtropical sunny Australia. Jackson Pendegraf is an electronic music producer who effortlessly merges the warmth of the Australian sun with futuristic, sometimes downright alien synths. Being on the spectrum himself, the artist deeply cares about representing autistic artists and introducing the influential worlds they create in the electronic music scene. His own world, the sunny out of this world electronica is something that fits both the dance floor as well as chilled evenings. Those warm vibrant synths fit everywhere!

“I have lived in Australia for the last 5 years and the beautiful sub-tropical climate and amazing wildlife are also a great inspiration to me. I was previously based in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is an amazing city, with many great creative people, but far too cold for me :)”

Jackson Pendefraf

His newest release has turned out to be one of the more heartwarming songs. Hints are given out by the song’s title already – the song, named “Feelings for You (Song for Diana)“, is an ode to his wife Diana. There is definitely a reason why wife rhymes with life.

“The track is dedicated to my wife Diana. She is my inspiration for everything that I do. I have been obsessed with electronic/computer music since I was at school and I create my own software synthesisers as well as using them to create music. I am quite shy and reclusive, which is the reason why I never do any live work. I recently discovered that I have Asperger’s (I’m not sure if this is something that would be good to tell people or not), which is something that explains how I have been so focussed on electronic music as well as why I have such an immersive imagination, which has proved invaluable for my creativity, and for infusing my music with a sense of other-worldliness, as I have always felt that I was born on the wrong planet.”

Jackson Pendegraf

The single comes on with echoing soundscapes laced with stringy synths and voices that breathe and live in the layers. Following a floating break in percussion, his message starts shooting through the dancy alien landscape like a robotic radio broadcast before coming nearer to speak words of love, and then distancing again into the heavily reverberant call.

Ethereal, sparkly, playful, and full of love atmosphere of the single goes hand in hand with the futuristic sound influenced by the synth-driven instrumentation. And while it floats freely with all the feelings aboard, the song never gets lost in the outer world but keeps its course as a love song, and an ode to the most beloved person. The course chosen is to spend the rest of the life together, with endless love.

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