SUB:OM – “Back To The Source”

Back To The Source” is an album that takes us back to our truest forms with a high dose of Electronic / Industrial Rock. With this 9 track collection Sub:Om have proved themselves to be one of the most visionary Indie bands of today.

After their debut track review in our blog for their single Unify, the band has now finally returned with their first full-length album! A mix of heavy and high-gained elements mixed with meditation chants, instruments, and atmospheres!

The album presents very unique and original compositions. Songs that stand out with their power, and others that stand out for their mystical/metaphysical eloquence. All in all, Sub:Om’s main objective is to help people reconnect with themselves and each other, and to continue to be strong as we face life’s obstacles.

We start right out with “Black Hole”, a song that prepares us for what’s coming with its subtle, introspective intro. The whole album counts with fat, overdriven basses and synths, and the slamming, energetic attitude of the drums. Blending organic with electronic, track number 1 opens the door to another dimension, the Sub:Om dimension.

Track 2 is their single Unify, which you can read all about right here!

We continue in track 3 with another introspective intro that rises and evolves into a melodic synth, followed by rhythmic drums and high-reaching vocals. Sub:Om reminds us to go “Back To The Source” as a way to heal and re-center ourselves against the sentiments of paralysis and longing. A journey through dimensions!

A low-reaching bass and shimmering synths open up track 4 in “We are Starz”. Here, the band invites us to another realm, letting us know there’s so much more left to discover! Beating drums and energetic choruses remind us that “death is not the end”.

We approach the middle of the album with an ethereal/space-like intro that bursts into grooving drums and echoing vocals. This one reminded me a lot of bands like Joy Division, Peter Murphy, A Perfect Circle, and Jane’s Addiction with its dark overtones and tribal vocals, exploding into a massive upbeat chorus.

Pendulum is the title for track 6, a meditative experience where subtle “Om”s carve the path to another of Sub:Om’s signature drums & bass dance. Track 7 “I Will”, presents interesting guitar work that leads to a more slow-tempo track, but just as majestic and epic as its predecessors.

Walking straight to the end of the album, we experience “Who We Are” and “All Falls Away”, both of them very similar in essence. These final destinations are of a more uplifting spirit and the last touch that make “Back To The Source” an essential, must-hear album.

Sonic enchantment is there for those who settle the mind, renounce fear and the delusions of belief – Vex

The album was recorded by mixing engineer Chad Bamford (Weezer and Perry Farrell) in Los Angeles, Ca. USA.

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