This brand new single from Brighton trio The Qwarks, is a wonderful satirical insight into the social media charade and deterioration of culture. Wrapped in a silly and quirky envelope, this psychedelic track makes fun of our new, digital ways.

As we spiral into vortexes of likes, influencers and social media content, these three gentlemen decided to speak out in a funny way about the downfall of society. In a time where self-help gurus are found in every corner, The Qwarks are here to remind us of what’s really important.

We are analogue creatures in a digital age.” – The Qwarks

You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)” is exactly about that PRE-SAVE NOW!!! The band focuses on what, or who, really matters: the fans! And not in an empty, social media POV where likes, follows, and subscribes are GOD, but in a more real, authentic, meaningful way. Their intention is to help us remember what is most important: The music.

The song also covers the struggle of bands to please the social media algorithms and the feelings of having to over-sell themselves in order to keep their followers entertained.

It often feels as if music is becoming secondary to social media; it sometimes feels that the new age of short attention spans and playlist chasing is actually changing the nature of music itself.” – TQ

Hop on in this adventure as Phil Johnstone (guitars, vocals), Simon Young (bass), and Nick Flowers (Drums) fly across the digital space on a tiny spaceship. Evading the massive outlets of apps and webpages, The Qwarks fly into the city to find their friends and invite them to follow them in their journey.

The single is over-the-top, influenced by the likes of Deerhoof, Dead Kennedys, Black Midi, and Cardiacs. You can expect Punk vocals mixed with guitar synths and trumpets, while the funky bass and drums lay the upbeat tempo of the track as it evolves into a cosmic-like experience of spatial fireworks and binary rhythms.

What we can expect from The Qwarks:

“Join us on Planet Qwark!  Music that is unlikely to be synced to an advert anytime soon. Psyche rock/ punk/ fun for all the family; Beefheart, Dead Kennedy’s, Deerhoof, Cardiacs, Bonzo Dog Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Hendrix, Black Midi. There may be also humour, cultural satire, and piss taking.

The video was made by Stuart Macleod of Stu Art Works, who has become a key member of the Qwarks family.

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