This Bristol-based musician wants to “see the sun” in his brand new song. This single is a marvelous upbeat jazz-infused groovy track with a heavy dose of brass to it. Relish with Gully’s sensational funky tune and dance to his fresh, unique rhythm.

The sound of “See The Sun” is so finely crafted it feels out of this world. Gully, a multi-instrumentalist from the UK enchants us with this low-reaching baritone voice and the high-reaching melodies of his brass playing.

A song with two dimensions; the self-questioning of the artist to tell if he has “his lines right”, and the self-assurance of his own disposition to see the light. Amazingly performed, every single instrument is played by Gully himself.

The highs and lows of the track captivate us from the get-go. His seamless flow between verses and chorus is a thing to admire as the song ever evolves into a different creature, only to once again return to its source in a more prolific, climactic finale.

It is funky, it’s all there is. A funk much needed, and blessed with a spectacular voice too! Such a blast, the song is inspired by creative frustrations over lockdown and the artist’s terrible sight of how many venues he loved were closing.

See the sun is an anthem to just that dichotomy. Recognizing one’s own demons and the way they’re dancing and then forging a merry little tune mantled by the mantra that you should never give up “til I see the Sun”. – Gully

Piano, guitars, bass, funky drums, trumpets, saxophones, synths, vocals… everything played by him!

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