V-Train “Cold World”

Sometimes when the blue hits, happy songs just don’t cut it. In the uncertainty, confusion, and fear it feels best to lie down to unravel those thoughts to a song that builds up a calming soothing sound, just like “Cold World” does. This lo-fi single echoes the distressed mind and produces a calm atmosphere just like a true lo-fi tune can.

V-Train is the musical alias of a Pennsylvanian producer Vernon Jeffries. He is a multi-instrumentalist who began his journey as a budding musician at the age of 9 with piano, followed by drums, guitar, and bass. On that path, the man experimented with many different sounds until finding his love in the smooth laidback sound of lo-fi hip hop. Now an established producer with 2 albums and singles under his belt, V-Train blends his instrumental skills with the soft easy hip hop sounds, enhancing and soundtracking the variety of moods that describe humankind.

His newest song takes on the helpless state of despair that one has spiraled into by the awful news coming from the world around them. Aptly titled “Cold World”, the single does speak of those emotions in a slightly different way – it’s the sound of a coping person, who’s trying their best to remain calm and find some sort of solace from the little things. By listening to the song’s atmosphere, the person has been quite successful at that.

The echoing vocal slices have that pleasant haze to them, as does the piano melody and the passing vinyl scratches. The strongly melancholic seeps deep into the bones but leaves out all that’s distressing. “Cold World” feels like a little isolated bubble successfully created to get some time to reassemble yourself. It’s the song of looking through your old things and remembering activities and past thoughts around them. It’s a healing process taken on with this song shielding the person from intrusive thoughts.

“I was looking for a sample to based my music off of and I came across Melange by Ayla and the casual brothers. I like the main verse in the section where they talk about the world being so cold and hard that they look to something to get them through it like Melange. I really relate to that part and included a sketch I drew 5 years ago as the cover art of the single. I made this a theme of being a sad lofi song relating to other people who are going through hard times myself included.”

V -Train

The single is just the beginning of the year for V-Train, who has a lot on his mind for the future. Asking what plans he has for the near future, the artist revealed more good music on the way as well as his dreams:

“For my 2022 plans, I’ll be releasing more singles and hopefully I may be able to create more EPs or Albums using the new Akai MPC One I bought last week. I also hope to play in festivals with other artists on stage.”


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