5 Seconds” is an uplifting psychedelic pop experience filled with cheerful melodies and joyful vocal harmonies. A song born out of rough times, this new single by Ruiz! aims to remind us to stay positive even when life gets challenging.

A fantastic electronic / pop track has been brought to us by Sheffield-based DIY multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist Hugh Ruiz. This is his second time on the blog now, after his first appearance with his single Please Baby Please. Do check it out if you like this song!

This time Ruiz! takes us on a 3:22 minute long ride of mind-opening, humane lyrics. Recorded only with a laptop, extra live instruments and in lockdown, “5 Seconds” charms us with his energetic drum playing and playful beat. The song captivates us from the start with the blend of electronic and analog elements.

Bouncy and spacial, the song nourishes itself with exotic melodies, rumbling/driven bass, and catchy choruses. It is a song born from difficult situations, as Ruiz! faced Covid on two occasions, which meant two stays at the hospital and three months in bed. Oh, and also developing a dose of pneumonia…

Thankfully, Ruiz! recovered, and decided to make a song about the challenges he went through as his way of staying optimistic and spread out positivity to those in need:

“5 Seconds is a song about finding courage in a difficult situation. It could be love-related, friends, family, or general life. Never take things for granted – it could all change very rapidly! It’s a cliche but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. It was inspired by broken dreams. I am an optimist and believe that this is the best of all possible worlds, or is it?” – Ruiz!

All in all, “5 Seconds” is a very fun listening experience and it really warms the heart with its vibrant energy. You can feel Ruiz! optimism and it is kind of infectious too! Also, the music video is super cool! It is a song that we can all benefit from.

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