Explosive and original, this new single by Puerto Rico based band, Jean Cabbie And The Secret Admirer Society, delivers a brilliant and exciting listening experience with a heavy, rock & roll attitude. Listen right now to “Paper Doll“.

Thrilling since the beginning, “Paper Doll” evolves into a sophisticated Rock & Roll expression with hints of Progressive elements. It is both a retro-feeling track and a completely new one. The guitar work is cool AF and the drum and bass work together in an energetic fashion to bring power and groove to the track!

There’s a unique feeling to it that I’d never heard before. The vocal harmonies are top-notch and the composition is pretty imaginative and memorable.

The band is comprised of Jean Cabbie (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Eric Cabrer (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jacob Rodriguez (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Marcos Rivera (Drums). All of them experienced musicians and with a lot of cool to offer. Jean’s vocals almost remind me of the great Ozzy Osbourne ’cause of his high-reaching, tight tone!

Having already released three albums including “Anthem”, “Good Things” and its latest titled “After Hours”, the band is now promoting their latest single with the help of radio stations, radio shows, podcasts, interviews and live performances. They are also working on new recordings, both live and in the studio!

The track was produced by Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society, recorded by Jacob Rodriguez at Back Door Studio, mixed by Carlos Velazquez at Playbach Studio and mastered by Francisco Barreras at Mistique Red Studio, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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