Taylor B-W “In Ur Net”

Taylor B-W sings from within the trap of love about how it feels to willingly jump into a messin her new refreshing reggaeton influenced single, ‘In Ur Net’.

Back with her second single of the year, the Sydney, Australia-based soul-driven musician and sensation, Taylor B-W, continues with her tradition of delivering stimulating and danceable indie and R&B beats accompanied by relatable lyrics that refuse to leave the listener’s mind. 

As an artist, she is known for delving into topics and fears felt by most of the millennial generation; from everlasting stress, a loneliness felt even in the presence of others, to eco-anxiety and financial struggles, Taylor has and is determined to keep voicing these issues in her music. With the goal to heal both her relationship with the world and those around her, as well as her listeners’ issues, she maintains resilience and strength in each and every of her steps. 

Just like in her previous single and collaboration, High Demand, and her 2021 song, I’m So Broke, this conversationalist artist has stayed true to her love for tackling a full spectrum of emotion. On In Ur Net, Taylor explores a facet of love that turns you blind to all the red flags and makes you get comfortable in the lion’s den. The track was produced by Liam Quinn (Peaches PRC, Rita Ora) at Alexandria’s Ralph Street Studios.

To say In Ur Net is a song about love wouldn’t not be a complete miss, but the true theme of the track is infatuation and the crazy things our emotions can make us do. Throughout the entire song, there is no mention of feeling loved or being treated with the basic respect expected of a partner — quite the opposite.

Taylor leads the listener down a rabbit hole, deep into the mind of someone who can recognize the unhealthy aspect of their feelings, highlighted by lines such as “now I’m the one with the problem” and “I wanna heal your heart”, yet cannot help themselves and yearn for the wildness of being in a messy relationship once again. From liking the person to being utterly obsessed with the chaos they bring into your life, In Ur Net takes away the veil the protagonist is wearing and shows the full, ugly reality of someone drowning just to feel pleasure for a small amount of time. 

Official music video, filmed by filmographer Desmond Hoo

Of course, Taylor B-W is aware of the type of dynamic she’s written about, and she expands on the inspiration behind this new part of her discography.

“I wrote this song towards the end of an infatuation I was dealing with – with a person who did not deserve my attention or affection. I was absolutely caught up in this person’s web (…). In retrospect, there is something really unnerving about the experience of being caught in someone’s web – you feel trapped, it is almost a painful experience. And, until you find your way out, and move on, you cannot see how ridiculous that obsession was.”

While being trapped in that web is a suffocating experience that gives you tunnel vision, being stuck repeating In Ur Net over and over again is a polar opposite experience. Channelling her inner vibrancy, Taylor has once made a track full of life. With inspirations such as Mabel, The Weekend, and Dua Lipa, who have been rocking the funky retro and reggae-influences pretty well, the rising star has delivered her own take on the genre while keeping her classic R&B and indie pop blend. 

In a song made as a wake up call and congratulations to those who “have experienced an uncontrollable obsession and lust for someone who they know doesn’t deserve them”, as she eloquently put it, and have gotten out of that hellish maze, Taylor B-W can’t help but make a yet another hit.

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