Morisse Monty “Lightweight”

The song you’re about to hear looks into the future with eyes full of hope and excitement. “Lightweight“, the newest release by Morisse Monty, celebrates the artist’s imminent fatherhood with weightless flowing grooves that invite for a party and to take part of life’s greater joys!

Loaded with smooth groovy sounds, Morisse Monty is an indie pop alias of Antwerp-based producer and engineer Jussi De Nys. His name has been well embedded into Belgian music scene as he has produced, recorded and mixed music for a variety of artists of the scene, such as Monokimono and Frankie Wales among others. His own solo work carries hybrid mix of modern production and influences from all sorts of genres, like the 70s psychedelic and funky vibes from 90s. Thus by nature there’s a lot of diversity in the sound of Morisse Monty, all of which has been tastefully framed by the signature fuzzy soulful atmosphere and his extremely well-fitting vocals.

Those psychedelic funky feelings have also migrated into the artist’s newest single titled “Lightweight”. Here the grooves shed all that’s heavy and dragging, and float weightlessly through the vibrant boppy soundscapes that are influenced by the rhythm led by percussion and his singing. “Lightweight” is fuelled by the happy news and excitement in the artist’s personal life – he’s soon going to be a father! With that message the single follows the getting ready phase, floating by the endless love and joy that’s about to arrive. One could feel the amount of bursting joy in this song that the artist is barely able to contain, making it such an endearing listen. And for those who don’t know the song’s backstory yet, it’s a sweet toe-tapping funky tune!

“Lightweight” is the third single Morisse Monty has released from his upcoming debut album, and it’s promising to be one very special album.

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