9 o’clock Nasty “Playboy Driver”

We’re glad to announce that Leicester, United Kingdom-based alternative/indie rock band 9 o’clock Nasty are releasing a new single, entitled “Playboy Driver,” this Saturday, March 19th.

Having already put out several acclaimed releases throughout 2021, including the Growl EP (our review here), Dust EP (our review here), and Cut EP (our review here), 9 o’clock Nasty more recently released their Sex EP earlier this year (our review here). 

Now, after 9 o’clock Nasty brought you politics and sex, the time has arrived for pure speed; it’s time for you to take a drink, hit the gas, and live life like you really mean it. Thus, 9 o’clock Nasty are returning with their new single, “Playboy Driver,” which asks the question, “If your life could be this good, would you die for it?” 

Steeped in garage rock and stinking of gasoline and sex, “Playboy Driver” puts its boots on your table and sips a dry, dry martini. The track will coincidentally be released alongside a new F1 motorsport season, and presents listeners with a theme song for true high speed action. “We had other songs to make it into an EP but this one is an egotistical brute that will not share the glory with anyone or anything,” the band says about their decision to release “Playboy Driver” as a single. 

“Playboy Driver” begins with a funky, rocking electric guitar riff amidst adrenaline-inducing background effects, while the propulsive rhythms of the drums set a steady pace throughout the track’s high-energy passages. An equally dynamic bass riff soon joins in, building nicely on the melodic themes of the opening guitar riff, as staccato electric guitar chords punctuate its rolling progression.

During the verses that follow, call-and-response vocals add further to the track’s rousing atmosphere as the guitar riff heard in the song’s intro returns; while during the compelling, bass-driven choruses, the song’s title is sung in unison. After a brief instrumental section midway through the track, highlighted by catchy electric guitar leads, the main bass riff plays throughout the rest of the song, pushing through the final verse and chorus—and fittingly, culminating with a sample from an old car commercial featuring racing driver icon James Hunt.

“Playboy Driver” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing 9 o’clock Nasty’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of garage rock and alternative/indie rock alike.

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