Ellie Madeland “Mother Mother”

A personal story and a journey down the memory lane. “Mother Mother” is a song that’s both of those, and the journey it takes us on is one of the most vulnerable and emotional ones. At the same time, it’s a story of coming to terms with what has been.

Ellie Madeland, the Swedish singer-songwriter and vocalist of Island Empire, made her debut last year with the moody foggy trip-hop single “Out From Nowhere“. That single marked the beginning of the long-distance creative partnership with Gentle William, a producer who has worked with names like Junkboy and the Whiskey Priest. Even though the duo has never seen each other in real life so far, the creative dynamic has fallen in place quite perfectly, with Gentle William’s formerly dormant instrumental demos brought to life with Ellie’s poignant vocals and songwriting.

Ellie’s sophomore single “Mother Mother” takes on a difficult and very personal road into the artists past. Heavy with feelings punctuated by dark low bassline, slow percussion and clouded atmosphere, her nearly monotone vocals feel particularly vulnerable and speak of all that took place in her mind. Growing in intensity with all the raw feelings, the song is a true catharsis aiming to release all that’s been boiling within, from the quiet somber beginning to the layered buildup leading to a controlled explosion. It’s an emotional release and reconciliation with the past at once.

“”Mother Mother” was inspired by some letters I found between me and my mum last year from when I was a kid, when my parents had just announced their divorce. It stirred up a lot of emotion in me, remembering the pain of her moving out. Reading the letters also brought me back to a time in my later teens where I was very anxious, depressed and lived pretty grimly. The song is about my journey with abandonment issues, depression and anxiety, but it is also a portrait of a past life I have moved on from in many ways.
“Mother Mother” is actually kind of a prequel to my first single “Out of Nowhere”, which portrays my journey with coming out of a hole and finding ways to love myself and others more than I thought was possible.”

Ellie Madeland

As of what the future holds, the artist is working on quite a few exciting things and shared some of them with us:

“In 2022 – I have a gig planned in Berlin on 21st April, and couple of more single releases. I’m currently working on an album with Gentle William that will probably come out in 2023!”

Ellie Madeland

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